Compass 2018: one month left before Lviv travel festival

If you’re a big fan of travelings, if you are writing about your trips, if you are thinking of establishing your own travel blog… Then you should attend the main travel event of this fall, travel festival Compass 2018.

12 speakers from Ukraine and Poland will share their experience of trips to all corners of the world. They will also speak about transforming trips into media stories. You’ll see North Korea through the lenses of TV host Roman Bochkala, who has prepared the film about the totalitarian state after visiting it. Exotic, deep and complicated Iran will open its secrets due to the speech of the journalist Svitlana Oslavska. Ivan Maslyuk from On 3 Wheels project will share the story on how disability can not prevent from achieving the trip goals.

Travel festival Compass 2018 is held on 20th of October in Lviv at FEST Republic (24-26, Staroznesenska street).

The list of the speakers you may find on the web-site. The list is constantly updated.

In the evening after the speeches Compass Travel Party’s planned. It’s a nice chance to talk to our speakers in person while listening to our DJ.

Compass 2018 is organised by NGO Lviv Media Forum and Pole non-profit organisation Outriders. The event is held with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.