Kamila Kielar

Adventurer, far north specialist, wildlife behaviorist and photographer, writer and story teller.
She has been travelling to the north for 12 years, focused on long term adventures and mental game challenges, mostly solo. She crossed Alaska and Kamchatka on bike by herself as well as Yukon in winter with temperatures dropping down to -40C. She has spent long months in Lapland and most recently – she walked 4500km from Mexico to Canada on Pacific Crest Trail. She leads and organize big international travelling projects like Bike Jamboree (bike relay around the globe).
She knows what to eat in a forest, how to handle backcountry in bear territories, track animals, climb in winter, build igloo and skis like the devil. Loves Polish pierogi and is addicted to good reads.
Awarded with many travel, photo and writing prizes (like honorable mention on Kolosy, Europe biggest explorers festival or nomination to National Geographic Traveller prize). Graduated journalism and creative writing.