Magda Bębenek

Traveler, author, public speaker

A Japanese studies graduate, she’s visited over 40 countries on 4 continents and lived in Belgium, India, and Hawai’i. Author and publisher of two empowering books for Polish women (“Polka potrafi”) and a mentor for up and coming self-publishers, she was awarded Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador title in 2014. After years of nomadism, crazy adventures and fulfilling her dreams, inspired by the culture and traditions of Native Hawaiians, she started combining her travel and entrepreneurial experiences to promote social and ecological engagement.

In April 2018 together with her partner, Piotr Horzela, she started a project called “The Forest Within” (“Las w Nas”). They moved into a wooden mobile house in the middle of one of Poland’s most beautiful forests where they create fun, educational content about nature and rewilding our daily lives.

You can learn more about her activities at.