Travel blogger Yurii Shyvala is announced the host of Compass 2017

Travel conference needs a travel host! Compass 2017 will be lead by Yurii Shyvala. He has traveled 30 countries, produces his own video blog “Styrayuchy Kordony” (Erasing Borders) and hosts a morning show “Good morning, Lviv” at a local TV station.

What should attendees of Compass 2017 know about Yurii? He talks about it in the interview.

How did it happen that you have agreed to be the presenter of Compass 2017?
Travelling is well-known to me. I have visited about 30 countries and produce my own vlog about travel. To my mind, very many people want to see other countries, though a few of them do it. Somewhy Ukrainians are sure that buying a tour in a travel agency to Poland or Austria is their limit. Travelling by themselves seems unreal. Instead, events like Compass 2017 inspire to discover the world. Besides, going to other countries make people more tolerant and open-minded – the type of values which should be promoted in Ukraine. Compass 2017 is a good opportunity for this kind of job.

When did travelings start in your life?
The background is the following. Instead of going to the school my classmates and I were doing a “round the world journey”. We lived in Vynnyky, a town near Lviv. We used to go along Kyiv track, reached the place where the electric train was stopping, got into the train, and left it on one of Lviv station. Then we got back home to Vynnyky through the forest.

My first “real” travel was to the US. I visited New York and Niagara Falls. That was the moment I understood the world is open even to the student with the UAH 400 scholarship. After arriving in Ukraine I started my first hitchhiking journey to 7 countries of the Northern Europe. It took 2 weeks and almost all the time I was alone. Right after that, there was a month of hitchhiking in Western Europe.

When did your travel blog begin?
Since childhood, I dreamt of being a host of a travel-programme. When I’ve got solid travel experience, I decided to combine useful and pleasant things. The first travel blog was shot together with my friend in Norway. We planned the trip and took a cameraman as well. In the episode, I was talking about our route and about lifehacks in peregrination. We shoot in Iceland and Morocco too. This winter Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore are planned. I dislike the cold. Together with my wife, we decided that winter is a nice chance to spend time in a warm climate. We hope to shoot a new episode of Erasing Borders there.

I have to ask you to share some funny story during your traveling.
Well, the story didn’t happen during travelling, but still, it is connected with it. When I decided to propose to my future wife, I found 31 people from 31 countries from all the continents. I wrote a story – each participant should have read some extract of it, while I composed the speeches into one story. The guys from Ukrainian station in Antarctica also read a part of the story (with penguins and a Ukrainian flag in the background)! The thing is there is a horrible internet connection in Antarctica. Video is impossible to send. I was lucky that Ukrainians from the station were departing back to the motherland. So they shoot the video. Then they had a stop in Latin America and there they sent it to Ukraine. In a word, it was a planetary quest!

How many countries would you like to visit?
I don’t dream about numbers! Though I dream to get to every continent, including Antarctica. I won’t decline journey to Greenland as well.

Is there a speaker at Compass 2017 whose story you want to hear?
It’s definitely Yevgeniy Ikhelzon. He and his team have found a huge corporation I Love Asia. I wonder how he started. I mean, of course, he started from passion for journey. I just wonder what the next steps were. Also (consider it an egoistic intention) I hope to get acquainted with people from travel-industry at Compass 2017, who will help me in developing my vlog Erasing Borders.